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Gene Review

BARF0  -  putative BARF0 protein

Human herpesvirus 4

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Disease relevance of BARF0


High impact information on BARF0


Biological context of BARF0

  • These transcripts include several distinctly spliced forms which are 3'-end coterminal and contain the BamHI A rightward frame 0 (BARF0) open reading frame (ORF) in the final exon [6].
  • Analysis of Epstein-Barr virus transcription in situ in parotid carcinoma specimens revealed that the EBER RNAs, latent membrane protein mRNA, and the BamHI-A rightward reading frame, BARF0, are expressed in the malignant epithelial cells [7].
  • In this study, a rabbit antiserum to a synthetic peptide representing an amino acid sequence encoded by the BARF0 ORF was prepared [8].
  • Since the se transcripts arise from a 22-kbp segment of the EBV genome and construction of large deletion mutants is an improbable result after transfection of infected cells with an EBV DNA fragment with a large deletion mutation, a new approach was taken to make a recombinant with the DNA encoding all of the BARF0 RNAs deleted [9].
  • A large segment of EBV DNA was deleted from the transfected cosmid DNAs by omitting a cosmid which included all of the DNA encoding the BARF0 RNA and by ligating the distal halves of the two flanking cosmids so as to create one cosmid which had ends that overlapped with the other two unaltered cosmids [9].

Anatomical context of BARF0


Associations of BARF0 with chemical compounds

  • This antiserum detected a glutathione S-transferase-BARF0 fusion protein and both BARF0 and RK-BARF0 proteins expressed from transfected constructs in H1299 cells [8].

Other interactions of BARF0

  • The BARTs detected were shown possibly to encode the RPMS1 and BARF0 proteins, based on their splicing [10].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of BARF0


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