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Gene Review

rpoC  -  DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit beta'

Escherichia coli UTI89

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Disease relevance of rpoC


High impact information on rpoC

  • The terminator for the operon is located on a fragment which spans the 3' end of the rpoC gene [5].
  • In these plasmids trpR is positioned between the strong regulated tac promoter and the rpoC transcription terminator [6].
  • (3) The antiterminator had less effect on fragments containing Rho-independent terminators; the rpoC t fragment and three fragments derived from the rrnB terminator region stopped antiterminated transcription [7].
  • RfaH is also required for the transcription of wild-type levels of mRNA from promoter-distal genes in the rfaQ-K, traY-Z, and rplK-rpoC gene clusters, supporting the role for RfaH in transcriptional elongation [8].
  • This has now been confirmed in vitro where the lack of coordinate expression has been shown to be correlated with the selective inhibition of rpoB and rpoC gene expression by RNa polymerase [9].

Biological context of rpoC

  • The phenotype of the mutant was dependent on a mutation in the RNA polymerase gene rpoC [10].
  • The rpoC deletion and the point mutation cause over 20- and 10-fold reductions, respectively, in the copy number of ColE1 [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of rpoC

  • The locations of four of the eleven rpoB amber mutations that are strongly polar on expression of the downstream rpoC gene have been determined through a combination of MaeI mapping, PCR amplification and DNA sequencing [12].


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