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Gene Review

CD2  -  CD2 molecule

Macaca mulatta

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High impact information on CD2

  • At 90 min, the dying monkeys showed in the circulation a dramatic increase of polymorphonuclear leukocytes and decreases of NK cells and monocytes (CD16 and CD56 markers) as well as of lymphocytes with HLA-DR, CD2, CD8, and IL2R alpha (CD25) markers [1].
  • In nonstressed adult monkeys, we found differences in the level of expression of CD2 on T cells, revealing two distinct subsets of T cells, CD2dim and CD2bright cells, with CD2bright cells predominately coexpressing CD8 [2].
  • Selective reduction in CD2 expression on CD2bright/CD8+ lymphocytes from cynomolgus monkeys (Macaca fascicularis) in response to acute stress [2].
  • Using a "knock-in" mutagenesis approach starting with Baboon CD2, which does not bind MEDI-507, 6F10.3 and 4B2, we have identified three residues in the adhesion domain of human CD2 which are critical for its binding to these mAbs [3].
  • No changes in CD2, CD4, CD8, CD20, CD29, and CD45R cell numbers in lymph node of infected animals were seen when compared to control animals [4].

Anatomical context of CD2

  • The [Ca2+]i responses to both CD3 mAb and CD2 mAb were 10-50% less in T cells from Walter Reed stage 2 animals than in healthy controls [5].
  • Reactivity with the following antigens was assessed: MHC class I, II-DR, -DQ, and -DP antigens; leukocyte markers CD1, CD2, CD3, CD4, CD8, CD14, CD16, CD25, CD57; a proliferation associated nuclear antigen; interferon-gamma and tumor necrosis factor-alpha [6].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of CD2


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