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Gene Review

Cd2  -  CD2 antigen

Mus musculus

Synonyms: LFA-2, LFA-3 receptor, Ly-37, Ly37, Lymphocyte antigen 37, ...
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Disease relevance of Cd2

  • B6.yaa mice are not overtly autoimmune, but the addition of Sle1, which contains the autoimmune-predisposing Slam/Cd2 haplotype, causes the development of fatal lupus with numerous immunological aberrations [1].
  • We have transduced a recombinant retrovirus encoding the mouse CD2 antigen into STRO-1+ cells selected from adult and fetal BM [2].

High impact information on Cd2


Biological context of Cd2


Anatomical context of Cd2


Associations of Cd2 with chemical compounds

  • Biosynthetic labeling of DBA/2 thymocytes with [35S]methionine showed that the size of the CD2 precursor molecule was 43 kDa which was processed to approximately 55-65 kDa in the mature molecule. mAb 12-15 was also reactive with the tunicamycin-treated form of the CD2 antigen suggesting that the cross-reactive epitope was of protein nature [10].
  • Adhesion is mediated by a family of glycoprotein molecules, of which the LFA-1 and LFA-2 molecules appear as the most likely candidates [7].

Other interactions of Cd2

  • We show that most resting LAK2+ cells lack surface expression of CD3, whereas nearly 60% express CD2 antigen [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Cd2

  • Our data, in addition to demonstrating for the first time the efficacy of RM2-2 anti-CD2 mAb, suggest that CD2 antigen is a suitable target for the induction of transplantation tolerance [5].
  • By two-color immunofluorescence using B or T cell-specific reagents and cell sorting in combination with biochemical analysis we provide evidence that the CD2 antigen is present on mouse B and T cells [9].


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