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Gene Review

UBB  -  ubiquitin B

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: FLJ25987, MGC8385, Polyubiquitin-B
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Disease relevance of UBB


Psychiatry related information on UBB

  • Here frame-shift ubiquitin-B and amyloid precursor protein were immunochemically shown to exist in the brain of high pathology control (HPC) patients with AD pathology but without prior dementia [6].

High impact information on UBB

  • Frameshift mutants of beta amyloid precursor protein and ubiquitin-B in Alzheimer's and Down patients [7].
  • CONCLUSIONS: The results showed that molecular misreading of the ubiquitin B gene occurred in hepatocytes in virtually all of the MB-containing livers tested [1].
  • Recently, the deposits have been shown to contain protein fragments of ubiquitin-B and amyloid precursor protein (APP) with an aberrant carboxyl terminus resulting from frameshift mutations (dinucleotide deletions; DeltaGU or DeltaGA) in or adjacent to GAGAG motifs in their mRNAs, a process referred to as molecular misreading [8].
  • Appending a portion of the CMV enhancer 5' of the UBB promoter (CMV-Ub) increased CAT expression to nearly that of the CMV promoter and expression persisted in the lung for at least 3 months, with 50% of day 2 levels remaining at day 84 [9].
  • Chloramphenicol acetyltransferase (CAT) reporter gene expression from the UBB promoter was initially very low at day 2 post-administration, but by day 35 exceeded the level of expression attained from a CMV promoter vector by four- to ninefold [9].

Biological context of UBB

  • The UBB and UBC polyubiquitin genes have previously been mapped by the use of specific intron or 5' flanking sequence probes [10].
  • Novel frameshift mutations at a number of locations in the transcripts of the ubiquitin-B and APP genes were discovered (DeltaGA, DeltaG, DeltaGU, DeltaGG, DeltaCA, DeltaAU, DeltaA, DeltaAA, DeltaC, DeltaU, and insertion of an A) [8].

Anatomical context of UBB


Associations of UBB with chemical compounds

  • In N. notopterus the effects of hypercalcaemia (caused by keeping the specimens in 0.5% of CaCl2 solution and by injecting 4000 I.U. of vitamin D2 on alternate days) on UBB has been observed [12].

Other interactions of UBB

  • In this study, we provide additional evidence for this relationship, by demonstrating that SMECE stain strongly positive for p63, which is a new marker for UBB/solid cell nests [3].


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