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Gene Review

ILV5  -  ketol-acid reductoisomerase

Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288c

Synonyms: Acetohydroxy-acid reductoisomerase, Alpha-keto-beta-hydroxylacyl reductoisomerase, Ketol-acid reductoisomerase, mitochondrial, L9638.7, YLR355C
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Disease relevance of ILV5

  • Finally, the wild-type Escherichia coli ortholog of Ilv5p behaves like a(+)D(-) mutants when expressed and targeted to mitochondria in ilv5Delta yeast cells, suggesting that yeast Ilv5p acquired its mtDNA function after the endosymbiotic event [1].

High impact information on ILV5

  • An overview of the layered controls of the extended leucine pathway is provided that includes a description of the newly recognized roles of Ilv5p and Bat1p in maintaining mitochondrial integrity [2].
  • The most severe instability of rho+ mtDNA is observed in cells with null alleles of both ABF2 and ILV5 [3].
  • The instability of rho+ mtDNA in delta ilv5 cells is not simply a consequence of a block in branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis, since mtDNA is stable in cells with a null allele of the ILV2 gene, which encodes another enzyme of that pathway [3].
  • The nucleotide sequence of the yeast ILV5 gene, which codes for the branched-chain amino acid biosynthesis enzyme acetohydroxyacid reductoisomerase, has been determined [4].
  • Genes ilvC and ilv5 code for the enzyme acetohydroxy acid isomeroreductase (isomeroreductase), the second enzyme in the parallel pathways for the biosynthesis of isoleucine and valine [5].

Biological context of ILV5

  • The STE11 gene, which had previously been mapped to chromosome XII (Chaleff and Tatchell, 1985), was found to be tightly linked to ILV5 [6].
  • Tandem integration of multiple ILV5 copies and elevated transcription in polyploid yeast [7].
  • Linear DNA containing the cloned ILV5 gene was introduced into lager yeast along with an unlinked circular bifunctional plasmid containing a dominant resistance marker [7].
  • Effects of ploidy, growth conditions and the mitochondrial nucleoid-associated protein Ilv5p on the rate of mutation of mitochondrial DNA in Saccharomyces cerevisiae [8].

Associations of ILV5 with chemical compounds


Other interactions of ILV5

  • The CHL3 gene is placed on the right arm of chromosome XII, between the ILV5 (33.3 cM) and URA4 (21.8 cM) loci [10].
  • Thus, the ILV1 gene is under general amino acid control, as is the case for both the ILV5 and the transaminase gene [11].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of ILV5


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