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Gene Review

furA  -  ferric uptake regulation protein FurA

Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv

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Disease relevance of furA


High impact information on furA

  • Interestingly, a furA-lacking strain induced the complex at lower concentrations of INH compared with the control strain, whereas higher INH concentrations were necessary to induce the complex in a strain that lacks katG, suggesting that INH needs to be activated by KatG to induce the KasA-containing complex [2].
  • No promoter activity was demonstrated downstream of the furA start codon, using different gene reporter systems, indicating that furA and katG are co-transcribed from a common regulatory region [1].
  • In this work we analyzed the M. tuberculosis furA promoter region [3].
  • The Mycobacterium tuberculosis genome encodes two ferric uptake regulator homologues, furA and furB, the function of which is under investigation [4].

Biological context of furA


Associations of furA with chemical compounds

  • In the absence of furA, katG was upregulated, cells became hypersensitive to isoniazid, and full virulence was restored, indicating that furA regulates the transcription of both genes [1].

Regulatory relationships of furA

  • This association suggested that furA might regulate katG and other genes involved in pathogenesis [1].

Other interactions of furA

  • Transcript mapping showed katG to be expressed from a strong promoter, with consensus -10 and -35 elements, preceding furA [1].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of furA


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