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Gene Review

moeA  -  molybdopterin molybdenumtransferase;...

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK0817, JW0811, bisB, chlE, narE
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Disease relevance of moeA


High impact information on moeA


Chemical compound and disease context of moeA


Biological context of moeA


Anatomical context of moeA

  • The nitrate reductase in the wild type was completely stable in vivo under inducing or noninducing conditions, whereas in the chlC and chlE mutants nitrate reductase was degraded extensively in both the cytoplasm and membranes, even under inducing conditions [10].

Associations of moeA with chemical compounds

  • Heat-treated preparations from chlA and chlE mutants which do not possess molybdenum cofactor activity fail to restore the activation [11].

Other interactions of moeA


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of moeA

  • E. coli JRG97 cells transformed with mutants that failed to restore nitrate reductase activity showed by HPLC analysis a decreased level of molybdopterin-derived dephospho FormA as compared to bacteria transformed with wild-type moeA [13].


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