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Chemical Compound Review

PTERIDINE     pteridine

Synonyms: Pteridene, Azinepurine, pteridine-ring, SureCN7626, AGN-PC-0CW4QN, ...
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Disease relevance of pteridine


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Chemical compound and disease context of pteridine


Biological context of pteridine

  • Structural similarities were identified between this protein and several enzymes that should contain similar nucleotide and pteridine binding sites [17].
  • Changes in the length of the polyglutamate side chain and alterations of the pteridine structure such as reduction and/or methylation have a much larger effect on the constant for binding to deoxyhemoglobin tetramers than on that for oxyhemoglobin dimers [18].
  • The pteridine binding site of brain nitric oxide synthase. Tetrahydrobiopterin binding kinetics, specificity, and allosteric interaction with the substrate domain [19].
  • Coronary endothelial dysfunction in the insulin-resistant state is linked to abnormal pteridine metabolism and vascular oxidative stress [20].
  • Furthermore, an inhibitor of a terminal step in pteridine biosynthesis produced an identical phenotype [21].

Anatomical context of pteridine


Associations of pteridine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of pteridine

  • A direct role for IDO in pteridine synthesis has not been shown, and this parallel induction may reflect coordinate regulation of genes induced by IFN-gamma [29].
  • The carbohydrate moiety of the orosomucoid (ORM) molecule shows microheterogeneity [1] and the pteridine-containing variant seems to be tumor-specific [2-4] [30].
  • This water molecule, not observed in previously determined DHFR structures, is positioned to complete a proposed route for proton transfer from the side-chain carboxylate of E30 to N5 of the pteridine ring [31].
  • The pteridine tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) is a key feature of NOS, affecting dimerisation and electron transfer, although its full role in catalysis remains to be determined [32].
  • The loading regimen was also used to gauge the response of mutant hyperphenylalaninemic mice to exposure to chemical compounds required for normal phenylalanine catabolism (i.e. pteridine cofactors of the phenylalanine hydroxylase reaction) [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of pteridine


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