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Gene Review

narK  -  nitrate/nitrite transporter

Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655

Synonyms: ECK1217, JW1214
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Disease relevance of narK


High impact information on narK


Chemical compound and disease context of narK


Biological context of narK

  • The protein is considered to play a role as a transcriptional activator of the nitrate reductase operon, narCHJI, and the narK gene [1].
  • Loss of transport activity was recovered by transforming the mutant with a narK+ plasmid [6].
  • Based on the kinetics of nitrate reduction and of nitrite reduction and excretion in growing cultures and in washed cell suspensions, it is proposed that the narK gene encodes a nitrate/nitrite antiporter which facilitates anaerobic nitrate respiration by coupling the excretion of nitrite to nitrate uptake [5].

Associations of narK with chemical compounds

  • Disruption of fnr abolished both nitrate and fumarate utilization as electron acceptors and anaerobic induction of narK [2].
  • The failure of nitrate to suppress the reduction of trimethylamine N-oxide in narK mutants was not due to a change in the level of trimethylamine N-oxide reductase but apparently resulted from a relative decrease in the rate of anaerobic nitrate reduction caused by the loss of the antiporter system [5].

Regulatory relationships of narK

  • In chemostat competition experiments, a strain expressing only narU had a selective advantage relative to a strain expressing only narK during nutrient starvation or very slow growth, but NarK(+) bacteria had a much greater selective advantage during rapid growth [7].
  • By measuring nitrate and nitrite transport abilities of strains expressing only narK or expressing both narK and nirC, we hypothesized that NarK might function as a primary nitrate-nitrite antiporter [8].

Other interactions of narK

  • Homology between narU and narK on the one hand and narZYWV and narGHJI on the other hand is limited to the coding regions [9].


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