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Sequence Deletion

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Disease relevance of Sequence Deletion

  • To understand the role of the 23-amino acid signal sequence in the folding and stability of beta-lactamase, the precursor and a mutant beta-lactamase with a 19-amino acid signal sequence deletion were synthesized in vitro using an Escherichia coli cell-free coupled transcription/translation system [1].

High impact information on Sequence Deletion

  • However, we did identify the 21-bp MEF2A coding sequence deletion originally implicated in adCAD1 in 1 of 300 elderly control subjects without CAD [2].
  • Experiments with antibody competition and sequence deletion indicated that His657-Lys676 of FAD-APP, which has been specified as the ligand-dependent GO-coupling domain of normal APP, was responsible for this constitutive activation, confirming that the three FAD-APPs are mutationally activated APP695 [3].
  • Variant forms of VA RNAI with sequence deletions and substitutions bind to the La antigen, suggesting that the recognition site includes the RNA termini or the sequences corresponding to the internal control region (promoter), or both [4].
  • We provide here the genetic and biochemical evidence to show that BRCA1 promotes error-free rejoining of DSBs in human breast carcinoma cells while suppressing microhomology-mediated error-prone end-joining and restricting sequence deletion at the break junction during repair [5].
  • A model for the development of sequence deletions in the ermC translational attenuator by homologous recombination is presented and experimentally tested by in vitro selection of constitutively expressed mutants in staphylococcal strains deficient and proficient in homologous recombination [6].

Biological context of Sequence Deletion


Associations of Sequence Deletion with chemical compounds

  • In fact, the selective excision of the arginine residue occurred subsequent to signal sequence deletion by an aminopeptidase which was sensitive to the metal chelator o-phenanthroline [12].

Gene context of Sequence Deletion


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Sequence Deletion


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