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Specialties, Medical

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Disease relevance of Specialties, Medical

  • In view of the small number of observed cases the authors regard this report as a preliminary communication and as an encouragement for further investigations on the usefulness of ketamine in the treatment of postoperative hiccup and also in treatment of hiccup in patients in other medical specialities [1].

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Associations of Specialties, Medical with chemical compounds

  • In home-care settings, physicians with various medical specialties may order home enteral and/or parenteral nutrition support [8].
  • OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to analyze the hypothetical changes in the 2001 impact factor of 52 radiological journals included in the Science Citation Index-Journal Citation Reports by also counting cites proceeding from 73 Spanish journals on different medical specialties [9].
  • Ketamine was distributed to all air medical rescue teams--trained reserve army volunteers from various medical specialties [10].
  • The authors present a review of the literature on postoperative steroid use from many medical specialties as well as a review of wound and bone healing [11].
  • Although 50 years have post since the historic Brown vs. Board of Education Supreme Court decision, segregation remains in most medical/specialty societies [12].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Specialties, Medical

  • A hemoperfusion column (XR-010, Extracorporeal Medical Specialties) was shown to remove BCNU quantitatively from sheep blood flowing at 300 ml/minute when the drug was infused at 13 mg/minute for 30 minutes [18].


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