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Bulbar Palsy, Progressive

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Disease relevance of Bulbar Palsy, Progressive


High impact information on Bulbar Palsy, Progressive

  • He postulates that phenothiazine-induced bulbar palsy may cause laryngeal and/or pharyngeal dysfunctions that are responsible for aspiration [6].
  • Delayed post-irradiation bulbar palsy in nasopharyngeal carcinoma [7].
  • We examined the serum levels of various IgG antiganglioside antibodies in the sera of 16 patients with GBS with bulbar palsy [GBS-BP(+)] and 72 patients with GBS without bulbar palsy [GBS-BP(-)] [8].
  • Young age at onset, sporadic occurrence, sensorineural deafness, bulbar palsy, diffuse atrophy with weakness of limbs and progressive but benign course were the striking features [9].
  • Nearly all reports on nonfatal cases describe severe clinical syndromes with tetraparesis, bulbar palsy, and coma [10].

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