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Gene Review

HRX  -  Hyperreflexia

Homo sapiens

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Associations of HRX with chemical compounds

  • Although no single sign distinguished the groups, patients with mutations had significantly earlier and more symmetrical onset, dystonia more often at onset and hyperreflexia, slower progression of the disease, and a tendency toward a greater response to levodopa despite lower doses [30].
  • In 2 controlled trials, there was no significant difference between dantrolene and diazepam in terms of reductions in spasticity, clonus, and hyperreflexia, but side-effects such as drowsiness and inco-ordination occurred significantly more frequently on diazepam [31].
  • EMDA of oxybutynin reduced detrusor hyperreflexia [32].
  • The use of intravesical oxybutynin chloride in patients with detrusor hypertonicity and detrusor hyperreflexia [33].
  • A calcium blocking and anticholinergic agent (terodiline) in the treatment of detrusor hyperreflexia: a placebo-controlled, cross-over trial [34].

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