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Civil Rights

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Disease relevance of Civil Rights


Psychiatry related information on Civil Rights


High impact information on Civil Rights

  • Academic dismissals: due process. Part I [4].
  • Results indicated that SPN-fed rats demonstrated the greatest retardation of age-effects on all parameters except GTPase activity, on which SE had the greatest effect, whereas SE and vitamin E showed significant but equal protection against these age-induced deficits on the other parameters [5].
  • Equal protection in immunized mice deficient in FcgammaRI/III excluded an FcR-mediated mechanism [6].
  • Of these, Mn2+, Zn2+, Co2+, and Cd2+, which are about as equally effective as Mg2+ as cofactors for the hydrolytic reaction when present at 0.2 mM, offer about equal protection of the complex against inactivation by DCCD also when present at 0.2 mM [7].
  • In contrast to Oliver and Hyde's results, it was found that men held more negative attitudes toward homosexuality and, to a lesser extent, the civil rights of lesbians and gay men than did women [8].

Associations of Civil Rights with chemical compounds

  • Pretreatment with 0.1 and 1 nM gallopamil improved recovery to the same extent (48.7% and 43.4%, respectively); however, postischaemic application of 0.1 nM gallopamil afforded equal protection (45.4% recovery) [9].
  • However, one vaccination with rough-strain porin covalently bound to purified O polysaccharide conferred protection equal to that obtained with natural complexes of porin-S-LPS or with living strain 19 [10].
  • The combination of the two drugs increased the effect in the sense that 150 mg/kg WR-2721 with 20 mg/kg MPG gave equal protection as 300 mg/kg WR-2721 given alone [11].
  • Administration of 3 alpha, 5 alpha-P (15 mg/kg i.p. in beta-cyclodextrin) 15 min before infusion of pentylenetetrazol significantly increased the threshold dose for onset to all three convulsions and provided equal protection against tonic convulsions [12].
  • Cimetidine affords protection equal to antacids in prevention of stress ulceration following thermal injury [13].

Gene context of Civil Rights

  • Protection equal to that observed during oxyR induction could be achieved by the addition of catalase to cultures of naive cells in an amount equivalent to that induced by the oxyR response [14].
  • Issues identified through the ADR program mirror those found in the DUE process [15].
  • APA amicus curiae briefs. Furthering lesbian and gay male civil rights [16].
  • Newman knew that he had no legal right to interfere with the contract between PDS and the anesthesia group unless PDS breached the contract with RMC [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Civil Rights


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