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La Crosse Virus

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Disease relevance of La Crosse Virus


High impact information on La Crosse Virus

  • A membrane glycoprotein that accumulates intracellularly: cellular processing of the large glycoprotein of LaCrosse virus [5].
  • La Crosse virus nonstructural protein NSs counteracts the effects of short interfering RNA [6].
  • These results indicate that (i) the G1 protein by itself can induce an immune response sufficient for protection from a lethal challenge with La Crosse virus, (ii) a neutralizing humoral response correlates with protection, and (iii) the context in which G1 is presented affects its immunogenicity [7].
  • Pretreatment of the cultures with actinomycin D does not affect the ability of La Crosse virus infection to induce mRNA instability, and examination of the rRNAs shows no evidence of specific degradation due to activation of the interferon-associated latent RNase [8].
  • Mechanism of La Crosse virus inhibition by ribavirin [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of La Crosse Virus


Biological context of La Crosse Virus


Anatomical context of La Crosse Virus


Gene context of La Crosse Virus

  • The G2 envelope glycoprotein of La Crosse virus (LAC) was proposed by Ludwig et al. to be a determinant for virus attachment to mosquito midgut cells [16].
  • Surveillance of container-inhabiting mosquitoes was conducted from June 17 through November 9, 1998, at 2 1997 La Crosse virus (LAC) human case sites (Knox and Cocke counties, Tennessee) [17].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of La Crosse Virus


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