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Hantaan Virus

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Disease relevance of Hantaan Virus


High impact information on Hantaan Virus


Chemical compound and disease context of Hantaan Virus

  • Analysis of viral polypeptides synthesized in the presence of the drugs suggested differential effects of monensin and tunicamycin on Hantaan virus [11].
  • Hantaan virus replication: effects of monensin, tunicamycin and endoglycosidases on the structural glycoproteins [11].
  • Effect of MDP-Lys(L18), a derivative of MDP, on enhancing host resistance against Hantaan virus infection in newborn mice [12].
  • In this report, utilizing beta3-integrin-transfected CHO cells, we demonstrated that integrin beta3 subunit renders CHO cells susceptible to Chinese Hantaan virus (HTN) strain A9 (isolated in China), and the viral infection was correspondingly inhibited by antibodies to alphavbeta3, alphaIIbbeta3, beta3, and alphav integrins [13].
  • Effect of cordycepin on Hantaan virus 76-118 infection of primary human embryonic pulmonary fibroblasts--characterization of apoptotic effects [14].

Biological context of Hantaan Virus


Anatomical context of Hantaan Virus

  • Viral antigen detected with a monoclonal antibody reacting with nucleocapsid antigen was observed mainly in the cytoplasm of macrophages infected with Hantaan virus, but in the nucleus of cells infected with Seoul virus [19].

Gene context of Hantaan Virus


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Hantaan Virus


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