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High impact information on Manubrium

  • Six4/5-Cr is mainly expressed in the manubrium, the feeding, and sex organ [1].
  • The expression of Bmp4, a known downstream target of Msx1 in several developing craniofacial organs, was down-regulated in the malleal primordium, particularly in the region of the developing malleal manubrium, of Msx1 and Msx1(-/-)/Msx2(-/-) embryos [2].
  • MEASUREMENTS AND RESULTS: CXR dimensions were taken at the level of the manubrium sterni (M) and thoracic T7 and T11 levels [3].
  • A transect of bell tissue from the margin to the manubrium revealed a gradient of CA activity, with the highest values at the bell margin and the lowest at the manubrium, despite an even distribution of zooxanthellae [4].
  • The L-glucose treatment did not produce changes in maternal blood D-glucose levels but did produce fetuses with small urinary bladders, microphthalmia and abnormal ossification limited to the manubrium [5].

Anatomical context of Manubrium

  • Portions of the ossicles that are phylogenetically older develop earlier than portions representing more recent evolutionary inventions (manubrium of the malleus, crus longum of the incus) [6].
  • Evaluation of 100 consecutive Tc-99m MDP bone scans revealed in 36 patients a well defined area of increased accumulation of radiotracer at the Angle of Louis--the palpable ridge along the anterior surface of the sternum at the fibrocartilaginous junction of the sternum and manubrium [7].

Associations of Manubrium with chemical compounds

  • The British Steinernema sp. D1 is considered conspecific with S. weiseri n. sp. Males of the new species are mainly characterised by light brown, slightly curved spicules with a long manubrium and the presence of a short tail mucron in the second generation [8].
  • Excursion of pulmonary structures was examined from the upper edge of the manubrium to the top of the diaphragm in three lung zones in the coronal direction [9].
  • Two patients were submitted to partial sternal resection (manubrium); in the first case Marlex mesh alone and in the second a composite graft with Methyl-methacrylate were used [10].

Gene context of Manubrium

  • Anterior decompression and fusion by splitting the manubrium was an effective surgical procedure for OPLL of the upper thoracic spine, to achieve a good outcome, however, the extent of anterior decompression was limited [11].
  • Constant neck flexion by a suture between the skin of the point of the chin and midline of the chest over the manubrium is also widely considered paramount to successful tracheal resections [12].
  • Double-layered manubrium sterni in young children with diastrophic dysplasia [13].


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