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Disease relevance of Malleus

  • The audiologic test results in the fixed malleus cases reviewed for this study often presented a misleading picture, sometimes mimicking stapedial otosclerosis with a characteristic Carhart's notch and sometimes indistinguishable from sensorineural presbycusis [1].

High impact information on Malleus

  • Contrary to expectations, murine Bapx1 does not affect the articulation of the malleus and incus [2].
  • Msx genes, thus, appear to act in a cell autonomous manner, possibly by regulating Bmp4 expression, in the formation of the malleus [3].
  • A functional redundancy of Msx1 and Msx2 in the development of the middle ear is suggested by the stronger hypomorphism in the malleus of Msx1(-/-)/Msx2(-/-) embryos, including the absence of the malleal manubrium and the malleal processus brevis [3].
  • These defects included loss of the tympanic ring and malformation of the malleus, phenotypes which were reminiscent of the teratogenic effects of retinoic acid (RA) [4].
  • Fracture of the malleus or incus is detected with axial or coronal images; reformatted images may also be useful [5].

Anatomical context of Malleus


Associations of Malleus with chemical compounds

  • In the case of a missing incus, an assembly prosthesis of dense hydroxyapatite is placed on top of the stapes head and the handle of the malleus, in a pocket between drum membrane and the neck of the malleus [6].
  • Thin sections were cut parallel with, and perpendicular to, the handle of the malleus, stained with haematoxylin-eosin, toluidine blue or Giemsa stain and examined under a light microscope [9].
  • One hour after injection, BrdU-labeled cells were found in the handle of the malleus (HM) region and in the annular region of the pars tensa of the TM [10].
  • CONCLUSION: The functional results of the L-shaped Fisch titanium total prosthesis implanted in ears with the stapes but no malleus handle are best at 2 kHz and better than those of comparable columellar titanium prostheses over the remaining tested frequencies [11].

Gene context of Malleus

  • Since normal drilling procedures would result in a sensorineural hearing loss, the argon laser was chosen to remove a bony spur connecting the malleus to the posterior canal wall [12].
  • Reconstruction of hearing when malleus is absent: TORP vs. homograft TMMI [13].
  • Histologic changes in the anterior mallear ligament and the head of the malleus in otosclerosis [14].
  • When the malleus handle was present (n = 126), the PTA-ABG was 11.6+/-6.2 dB, compared with 16.9+/-10.1 dB when it was absent (n = 74), which was statistically significant (p < 0.05) [15].
  • The normal Ca/P ratio for malleus is 2.10, and 2.19 for incus [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Malleus


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