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Chemical Compound Review

Tc-99m Mdp     phosphonomethylphosphonic acid; technetium

Synonyms: AN-MDP (TN), MOLI000842, NSC-749127, NSC749127, AC1L4I1L, ...
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Disease relevance of phosphonomethylphosphonic acid

  • A clinical comparison of Tc-99m HEDP and Tc-99m MDP in the detection of bone metastases: concise communication [1].
  • In the other two studies, the scintigrams were falsely interpreted as indicating osteomyelitis and showed congruent, increased accumulation of both Tc-99m MDP and Ga-67 (with the latter of similar or greater intensity) [2].
  • Of 18 studies in patients with infarction, the combined scintigrams were correctly interpreted in 16 and showed either no local accumulation of Ga-67 or less accumulation than that of Tc-99m MDP at symptomatic sites [2].
  • Soft-tissue uptake of Tc-99m MDP in secondary scrotal lymphedema [3].
  • Twenty-four symptomatic patients with symptoms of active Paget's disease of bone were evaluated, during the course of their therapy, a total of 71 times (24 baseline and 47 follow-up examinations) by serial alkaline phosphatase levels (AP), Tc-99m MDP bone scans, and radionuclide blood-flow studies [4].

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Chemical compound and disease context of phosphonomethylphosphonic acid


Biological context of phosphonomethylphosphonic acid


Anatomical context of phosphonomethylphosphonic acid

  • The correlation between prostaglandin E (PgE) and scintigrams of bone (Tc-99m MDP) and bone marrow (Tc-99m SC) was investigated in normal and VX-2-bearing rabbits [20].
  • Localization of Tc-99m MDP in epiphyseal growth plates of rats [21].
  • The initial qualitative score assigned to a joint using Tc-99m-MDP was in agreement with the calculated quantitative ratio except for the knee joint [22].
  • The authors report Tc-99m pertechnetate, Tc-99m MDP and radioiodine imaging features in a 33-year-old male patient with metastatic insular carcinoma of the thyroid [23].
  • Fusion lymphoscintigraphy with a 24-hour Tc-99m MDP bone scan for sentinel lymph node detection and imaging [24].

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Gene context of phosphonomethylphosphonic acid

  • Quantitative sacroiliac and lumbar spine radio-isotope (Tc-99m MDP) scans were performed in 42 patients with ankylosing spondylitis, and repeated 12 months later in 25 [30].
  • Improvement using Tc-99m-MDP during the first 2 weeks of NSAID therapy was noted in the minimally inflamed wrist by joint/soft tissue measurement and in the maximally affected MCP joint by joint/bone ratio [22].
  • These findings were supported by analyses of the non-invasive Tc-99m-MDP images, which demonstrated significantly greater uptake of Tc-99m-MDP adjacent to FGF-1-treated implants (P < .05) [31].
  • The objective of this study was to compare the uptake behaviors of Tc-99m HIG and Tc-99m MDP in RA and variants of rheumatoid arthritis (VRA) [32].
  • There were discordant results between the Tc-99m MDP bone scans and F-18 FDG CoDe PET [33].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of phosphonomethylphosphonic acid


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