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Adenoma, Bile Duct

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Disease relevance of Adenoma, Bile Duct


High impact information on Adenoma, Bile Duct

  • SYN, PHO, G6PASE, G6PDH, GAPDH, G3PDH, MDH, ALKPASE and GGT activities were detected in oval cells; cholangiofibrotic lesions, cystic cholangiomas and cholangiofibromas stained strongly for GAPDH, G3PDH and MDH [5].
  • After feeding a comparable dose (0.1%) of oxytetracycline and sodium nitrite for 60 weeks, liver tumors were present in 4 of 30 rats (3 hepatocellular tumors and 1 cholangioma) [6].
  • A response to carbogen was observed in HCCs but not in cholangiomas [7].
  • PCB- exposed and control rats developed simple cholangioma, cystic cholangioma and adenofibrosis; the incidence of each was greater in the PCB group [8].
  • In sections of livers from rats exposed to diethylnitrosamine, the MAb 19C6 selectively stained bile duct-like structures in cholangiomas, while other preneoplastic and neoplastic lesions were not stained [9].

Chemical compound and disease context of Adenoma, Bile Duct


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