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Gait Ataxia

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Disease relevance of Gait Ataxia


High impact information on Gait Ataxia

  • In view of its afferent and efferent connections, destruction of the LRT probably contributes to gait ataxia in individuals suffering from SCA3 [6].
  • When rats received pyridoxine in doses large enough to cause neuropathy in humans, the animals developed gait ataxia that subsided after the toxin was withdrawn [7].
  • GDNF and IGF-I trophic factors delay hereditary Purkinje cell degeneration and the progression of gait ataxia [8].
  • Piracetam was demonstrated to be highly effective on tandem gait and gait ataxia in daily doses of 60 g [9].
  • Gait ataxia during omeprazole therapy [10].

Gene context of Gait Ataxia


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