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Carbohydrate Sequence

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  • The most significant finding was the presence of cell surface Neu5Ac alpha 2-6Gal residues as detected with the Sambucus nigra lectin on EAT-c and EAT-c/m cells, whereas EAT-wt cells contained little or none of such carbohydrate sequences [3].
  • Results obtained with fibronectin are consistent with a model in which high-affinity binding (Kd approximately 34 nM) is mediated through the recognition of specific carbohydrate sequences [4].
  • Both of these precursors appear to have an intracellular half-life of at least 1 hr and to contain the mannose core but not the terminal carbohydrate sequences [5].
  • Since GC contains 60% carbohydrate by weight, we assessed the role of carbohydrate sequences on its interaction with antibody 6D1 and vWF [6].
  • IgM antibodies in the sera from 2 other patients reacted with GD1a and GT1b gangliosides, which have a shared terminal carbohydrate sequence [7].

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