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Nutrition Assessment

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High impact information on Nutrition Assessment

  • CONCLUSION: The results confirm the frequent finding of malnutrition among patients with COPD and show that a simple screening sheet can be used to identify which patients need further nutrition assessment and treatment [1].
  • Nutrition assessment determination of macronutrient and micronutrient requirements, and monitoring are vital aspects of the provision of parenteral nutrition support that benefit from the knowledge and experience of a dietitian [2].
  • The 1987 nutrition assessment showed that it is possible to be adequately nourished with a lacto-ovo vegetarian diet provided one has proper knowledge of the phytate-containing foods and the methods for compensating with foods of greater mineral density (primarily zinc) [3].
  • DESIGN: Participants with serum albumin values < or =3.5 g/dL (bromocresol green) or 3.2 g/dL (bromocresol purple) and a Mini Nutrition Assessment (MNA) Malnutrition score < or =23.5 were randomized to the supplement group (Nepro) or the nonsupplement group with intensive dietary counseling [4].
  • The prognostic nutritional index (PNI) consists of tests measuring albumin, transferrin, triceps skin fold, and skin sensitivity reaction to common antigens [5].

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Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Nutrition Assessment

  • Specifically, the NSS completes a nutrition assessment that includes a diet history; indirect calorimetry, only when indicated; a laboratory (metabolic) assessment; a clinical impression used to put the above-mentioned information into a nutrition perspective; and recommendations for either enteral or parenteral therapy [12].


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