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Meningeal Neoplasms

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Disease relevance of Meningeal Neoplasms


High impact information on Meningeal Neoplasms

  • This study demonstrates that leucovorin administered i.v. to patients receiving intra-Ommaya MTX does not increase CSF concentrations of "rescue" folate above those of CSF MTX and are unlikely to interfere with MTX action against meningeal tumor [3].
  • To determine whether alterations of hRAD54 are a common event in meningeal tumors, by means of polymerase chain reaction-single-stranded conformation analysis we examined 29 tumor samples characterized by 1p deletions for hRAD54 mutations [4].
  • In this study, 25 meningeal tumors of different histological subtypes, all of which had been previously embolized, were reviewed histologically as well as with immunostaining for the MIBI antigen and proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) [5].
  • Desmoplakin as one of the desmosomal plaque components has proven to be a reliable marker for diagnosis of meningeal tumors [6].
  • TP-IRS was also detected in supernatants of mouse neuroblastoma (NIE-115) and primary spinal cord cultures but not human astrocytic and meningeal tumors or mouse primary astrocyte cultures [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Meningeal Neoplasms


Gene context of Meningeal Neoplasms


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