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Organizational Innovation

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  • Organizational changes in cholinergic activity and enhanced visuospatial memory as a function of choline administered prenatally or postnatally or both [6].
  • A factor analysis of data concerning the experience of the organizational change revealed the following factors: fellowship at work, demands on the individual, influence and control, competence development and stimulation at work [7].
  • The possibility that gonadal steroids may produce organizational changes in the pattern of GnRH staining observed in the brain is investigated through the use of injections of estradiol to neonatal mice and subsequent GnRH immunocytochemistry at 2 months of age [8].
  • INTERPRETATION: We demonstrated reduced cortisol secretions in one team following organizational changes, which was probably overridden by the disruption of social coherence in the second team [9].
  • Abbott incorporated lessons learned from the SFH OEC project with organizational changes to improve the way they work with customers [10].

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