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Erythrocytes, Abnormal

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  • In addition, the abnormal erythrocytes from patients with PNH had fewer periodate oxidizable constituents than did normal erythrocytes, indicating a relative deficiency of cell-surface sialic acid [6].
  • AMr 73,000 protein isolated from the normal erythrocyte membranes of one PNH patient by using anti-DAF IgG was largely absent from the abnormal erythrocytes of this individual, suggesting that PNH cells lack the DAF protein [7].
  • Intravascular red blood cell (RBC) destruction is caused by increased sensitivity of the abnormal erythrocyte to complement-mediated lysis, due to the GPI absence of a membrane-bound glycosylphosphatidylinositol (GPI)-linked protein, which functions as an inhibitor of reactive lysis (CD59) [8].
  • The casein and histone kinase activities of normal and abnormal erythrocytes declined significantly with increasing age and buoyant density in Stractan density gradients [9].
  • Resolution of iron deficiency was defined as the restoration of transferrin saturation, serum ferritin level, anemia, and abnormal erythrocyte indexes to normal or baseline values [10].

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