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Colles' Fracture

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Disease relevance of Colles' Fracture


High impact information on Colles' Fracture

  • We conducted a 1-year, single-center, prospective, randomized, double-blind study to determine whether bone loss would occur in the distal radius after a Colles' fracture and whether this loss could be prevented using an antiresorptive drug (alendronate) [3].
  • For the case of hip fracture, vertebral fracture, or a fracture at any site, forearm BMD was slightly inferior to the NOS algorithm, but the reverse was true for Colles fracture [4].
  • A diet that severely limits calcium intake from dairy products in an attempt to correct raised serum cholesterol levels is a risk factor for postmenopausal OP and Colles' fracture [5].
  • For Colles' fractures and spine fractures, a significant decrease was seen with >or= 850 DDD (OR 0.57, 95% CI 0.35--0.94 for Colles' fracture and OR 0.32, 95% CI 0.11--0.95 for spine fractures) [6].
  • Peri-and postmenopausal females from the general population living in a similar suburban region of Copenhagen admitted to Glostrup University Hospital because of a hip or Colles' fracture between 1 January 1989 and 31 October 1990 [7].

Chemical compound and disease context of Colles' Fracture


Gene context of Colles' Fracture

  • In the Colles' fracture/osteoarthritic group, average grip strength (a percentage of the uninvolved hand) improved from 26% preoperatively to 74% postoperatively, and in the rheumatoid arthritis group it improved from 67% to 144% [13].
  • Electrodiagnostic study of carpal tunnel syndrome after Colles fracture [14].
  • In patients with Colles' fracture TBD and MLS were reduced by 13% and 10%, respectively, relative to age matched normal female subjects [15].
  • Factor analysis with varimax rotation was used to assess the fundamental characteristics of the items included in the Jebsen Hand Function Test and the Smith Hand Function Evaluation. The study sample consisted of 144 subjects without disabilities and 22 subjects with Colles fracture [16].


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