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Chemical Compound Review

Feldene     (8E)-8-[hydroxy-(pyridin-2...

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Disease relevance of Feldene


Psychiatry related information on Feldene

  • However, inhibition of circulating PG by piroxicam did not block the reductions in appetite, crossover, and rears induced by rIL-1 alpha; it restored normal drinking behavior and only partially restored body weight [5].
  • Subsequent treatment with either intramuscular or oral piroxicam further improved these symptoms and most patients recovered their normal physical activity within a week [6].
  • CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that piroxicam is as effective as diclofenac sodium in preventing inflammation after cataract surgery with IOL implantation, and its better tolerance and safety can provide higher patient compliance [7].

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Biological context of Feldene


Anatomical context of Feldene

  • In contrast, none of the doses of piroxicam alone decreased tumor multiplicity in the proximal portion of the intestine (duodenum) [23].
  • Piroxicam at 12, 25, and 50 ppm in the diet caused dose-dependent decreases in the number of tumors in the middle and distal portions of the small intestine [23].
  • In addition, we evaluated the ability of piroxicam, a potent COX inhibitor, to prevent postinitiation events of NMBA-induced tumorigenesis in the rat esophagus [24].
  • Furthermore, piroxicam significantly decreased the amount of L-selectin shed by cytokine-treated neutrophils, whereas it did not exert this effect on PMA- or A23187-treated neutrophils [25].
  • Moreover, in chemokine-treated T lymphocytes, the expression of activation epitopes on beta 1 integrins was also diminished by piroxicam [25].

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Gene context of Feldene


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Feldene


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