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Atrial Function

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  • We postulated that after cardioversion, when intrinsic atrial function is impaired, sotalol may have an adverse effect on the atrium [1].
  • Treatment of diabetic rats with the ARI sorbinil was successful in preventing only one of the observed diabetes-induced changes in atrial function, namely the supersensitivity of left atria to isoprenaline [11].
  • These data suggest that the endogenous-TG and glucose share in supporting the atrial functions, that insulin is involved in the control of TG consumption only in the fed state and that the greater TG mobilization in the fasted atria, at least partly, meets the energy requirements of the tissue [12].
  • The aim of the investigation was to assess whether endogenous triacylglycerol contributes to the maintenance of the atrial functions [13].
  • Inasmuch lactate output did not change and these effects manifested only in the atria predisposed to the utilization of endogenous lipids, it may be inferred that oxfenicine preserved the atrial functions through the inhibition of fatty acid oxidation [14].

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