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Eye Enucleation

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  • Monocular eye enucleations on PCD 23 prevented the expression of calbindin in the medial fifth of the retinorecipient layers of the contralateral SC, while the unilateral removal of the visual cortices had no discernable effect on the numbers and distribution of the CECs in either SC [10].
  • These findings together with the demonstration that bilateral eye enucleation does not decrease the number of SP-immunoreactive nerve fibres in the SCN indicate that SP is not a neurotransmitter in the RHT but could be an intrinsic neurotransmitter of the SCN modulating photic input to the clock [11].
  • We conclude that disruption to the visual system caused by eye enucleation or strabismus is not equivalent [12].
  • The dense plexus of calretinin-positive fibers in the superficial layers of the colliculus was completely eliminated after eye enucleation [13].


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