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Hexose metabolism in pancreatic islets: effect of D-glucose upon D-fructose metabolism.

In the light of recent findings on the effect of D-glucose upon D-fructose phosphorylation by human B-cell glucokinase, the influence of the aldohexose upon the metabolism of the ketohexose was investigated in rat pancreatic islets. D-glucose, although slightly decreasing D-[5-(3)H]fructose utilization, augmented the oxidation of the ketohexose, indicating that the aldohexose stimulates preferentially the oxidative, as distinct from anaerobic, modality of glycolysis. Such was not the case in parotid cells, taken as representative of functionally nonglucose-responsive cells. In the islets exposed to D-fructose, D-glucose also decreased the fractional contribution of the pentose shunt to the generation of CO2 and D-glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate from the ketohexose, and increased the inflow into the Krebs cycle of dicarboxylic metabolites relative to that of fructose-derived acetyl-CoA. This glucose-induced remodeling of D-fructose metabolism may optimize the insulin secretory response of islet cells to these hexoses, e.g. after food intake.[1]


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