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The human Na(+)/H(+) exchanger NHE2 gene: genomic organization and promoter characterization.

The Na(+)/H(+) exchanger (NHE) 2 belongs to a family of plasma membrane transporters involved in intracellular pH and cell volume regulation. We recently reported cloning of human NHE2 (hNHE2) from a colonic cDNA library. Northern blot analysis has identified NHE2 mRNA only in small intestine, prostate, kidney, colon, and skeletal muscle. In this study, we describe the structure and 5'-regulatory region of the hNHE2 gene. The hNHE2 gene spans >90 kb and is organized in 12 exons intervened by 11 introns. All introns contain the conserved GT and AG dinucleotides at the donor and acceptor sites, respectively. The hNHE2 gene was mapped to chromosome 2q11. 2. Primer extension analysis revealed a single transcription initiation site in human colonic adenocarcinoma cell lines. Analysis of the DNA nucleotide sequences of a 1.4-kb fragment of the 5'-flanking region shows no canonical TATA or CAAT boxes. However, the promoter region contains several potential cis-regulatory elements such as Sp1, early growth response-1, activator protein-2, MyoD, p300, nuclear factor-kappaB, myeloid zinc finger protein-1, caudal-related homeobox (Cdx) gene A, and Cdx protein-2 binding sites. In transient transfection studies, a reporter construct containing the 1.4-kb promoter region exhibited low luciferase activity levels. However, after deletion upstream of -664, its activity increased approximately threefold. Thus our data suggest that an inhibitory element may exist in the NHE2 promoter 5'-upstream region.[1]


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