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Beta2 adrenoceptor functional gene variants, obesity, and blood pressure level interactions in the general population.

We investigated the association of beta2 adrenoceptor functional gene variants (Arg16Gly, Gln27Glu, and Thr164Ile polymorphisms), obesity phenotypes, and blood pressure levels in a large, ethnically mixed urban population. The individuals (n=1576) were randomly selected for a cross-sectional study of cardiovascular risk factors in Vitória, Brazil. Statistically significant associations among systolic blood pressure and the Arg16Gly and Thr164Ile variants were identified in univariate analysis. The Gly16/Gly16 genotype was still associated with systolic blood pressure (SBP) in multivariate analysis adjusting for age, gender, ethnicity, total cholesterol, diabetes, and body mass index (BMI) (P=0.01). The Arg16 allele was the only genotypic variable associated with BMI, and, in a dominant model, it remained associated with an increased BMI even after adjustment for age, gender, ethnicity, triglycerides, HDL cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension status (P=0.02). Although the different polymorphisms did not interact in the determination of SBP, a significant interaction with BMI (P=0.02), not through linkage disequilibrium, was identified between the Gln27Glu and the Thr164Ile variants. Furthermore, a significant interaction among the Arg16Gly polymorphism and BMI (P=0.036) and waist-hip ratio (P=0.003) in determining SBP was disclosed by ANOVA factorial modeling, with SBP used as the dependent variable. An interaction between the Thr164Ile polymorphism and waist-hip ratio was also identified (P=0.018). Finally, multiple logistic regression models showed a 1.48-fold increase in the risk of hypertension in individuals harboring the Gly16/Gly16 genotype and a 1.31-fold (P=0.01) and a 1.49-fold (P=0.003) increased risk of obesity in individuals harboring the Gln27/Gln27 genotype or the presence of the Arg16 allele, respectively. Taken together, these data provide evidence for a strong but complex relation between beta-adrenoceptor gene variants, hypertension, and obesity.[1]


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