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Molecular cloning of the BCL-6 gene, a transcriptional repressor for B-cell differentiation, in torafugu (Takifugu rubripes).

B-cell lymphoma-6 (BCL-6) is a transcriptional repressor that prevents the terminal differentiation of mature B-cells to plasma cells, and is essential for germinal center formation in the primary lymphoid organs of mammals. In this study, we identified the BCL-6 gene in torafugu (Takifugu rubripes) using the torafugu genome database, and analyzed the expression of BCL-6 mRNA in various tissues of torafugu, using RT-PCR. The BCL-6 gene consisted of eight exons and seven introns spanning a genome of ca. 3.3 kb. BCL-6 mRNA contained a 2112 bp open reading frame encoding 703 amino acids, with a predicted protein size of 78.8 kDa. The predicted torafugu BCL-6 primary structure contains two conserved specific motifs, the BTB/POZ domain at the N-terminus and the sixC2H2-type zinc finger motifs at the C-terminal region. The homology of torafugu BCL-6 to those of zebrafish (Danio rerio), Xenopus laevis, mouse (Mus musculus) and human (Homo sapiens) is 76, 59, 60 and 60%, respectively. RT-PCR analysis revealed that BCL-6 mRNA is highly expressed in pronephros, thymus, intestine, ovary, brain, nasal cavity and muscle. These results imply that torafugu BCL-6 is involved in regulation of B-cell differentiation in torafugu.[1]


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