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Cloning and structural analysis of MMCP-1, MMCP-4 and MMCP-5, three mouse mast cell-specific serine proteases.

Here we present the cloning of three novel mouse mast cell-specific serine proteases, MMCP-1, MMCP-4 and MMCP-5. A region of approximately 4 kb covering the five exons and 930 bp 5' and 280 bp 3' flanking sequences of the gene for MMCP-1 was characterized by nucleotide sequence analysis. A comparison with the corresponding region of the rat mucosal mast cell-specific protease RMCP-II is presented. cDNA clones for the mast cell proteases MMCP-4 (950 bp) and MMCP-5 (1098 bp) were isolated from a cDNA library of a connective tissue mast cell-like mouse mastocytoma cell line. All three proteases were found to belong to the family of chymotrypic serine proteases as deduced from the absence of the Asp 189 which is characteristic for all serine proteases having cleavage specificities similar to pancreatic trypsin. The active polypeptides, excluding possible post-translational glycosylations, have an Mr of 25-26 kDa. Analysis of the amino acid composition reveals a positive net charge for all three proteases MMCP-1 +3, MMCP-4 +18 and MMCP-5 +12). Based on their high sequence identity (88%) and high positive net charges (+18 and +18, respectively) we assume that the MMCP-4 is the mouse homolog to rat RMCP-I. Probes specific for each of these three highly homologous protease genes have been generated by subcloning of fragments of approximately 100 bp in length, originating from the 3' ends of the mRNA into plasmid vectors. Northern blot analysis of mRNA from a number of murine cell lines shows gene expression of these proteases to be specific for the differentiation stage of the mast cell. The MMCP-1 is expressed only at the mucosal mast cell stage and 5 only in mast cells of the connective tissue mast cell stage. These serine proteases may serve as highly specific markers in the analysis of mast cell heterogeneity, differentiation and function.[1]


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