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Chemical Compound Review

KST-1A1459     [(2S)-1-[(2S)-2-benzyl-3- methoxy-5-oxo-2H...

Synonyms: KST-1A1460, AR-1A3120, AR-1A3121, AC1L4M1X, AC1Q5BE8, ...
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Gene context of NSC 617668

  • Despite its potency and the loss of microtubules in treated cells, the interaction of dolastatin 15 with tubulin in vitro was weak [2].
  • All four SCLC cell lines underwent G2/M arrest within 24 hours of exposure to dolastatin 15, and three had morphologic evidence of apoptosis after 48 hours [4].
  • Following extraction from plasma, using a solid-phase C18 cartridge, capillary zone electrophoresis was used to separate, detect and quantitate dolastatin-10 using the structurally related compound dolastatin-15 as the internal standard [14].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NSC 617668


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