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Chemical Compound Review

CCRIS 3483     ethanoic acid; 2,3,8-trihydroxy-6-methyl-4...

Synonyms: AG-K-54134, CCG-39212, NSC-19048, KST-1A9629, NSC-727858, ...
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Disease relevance of gossypol

  • Gossypol treatment of endometriosis and uterine myomas in 15 cases was started with a daily dose of 20 mg of gossypol-acetic acid twice a day for 20 days as a loading dose, followed by 40 mg (20 mg twice weekly) [1].
  • These 18 ram lambs were divided into groups of 6 which were given either 0, 2.2 or 6.6 mg of GAA/kg body weight daily via gelatin capsules directly into the rumen [2].
  • The experimental results indicated that the PVP-gossypol complexes not only possessed the similar antifertility effect and acute toxicity to male mice as gossypol-acetic acid, but also reduced the irreversibility of the fertility as well [3].

High impact information on gossypol


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gossypol


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