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Chemical Compound Review

NTZdes     2-hydroxy-N-(5-nitro-1,3- thiazol-2...

Synonyms: Tizoxanide, CHEMBL1545, PubChem20794, ANW-60134, NSC-697856, ...
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Disease relevance of NTZdes


High impact information on NTZdes


Biological context of NTZdes

  • The only measurable species in plasma was DN, which reached a Cmax of 1.9 mg/l (range 1.1-2.5) 2-6 h after dosing, and an AUC of 3.9-11.3 mg x h/l. Its terminal half-life ranged from 1.03 to 1.6 h [8].

Anatomical context of NTZdes

  • No species other than T was detected in feces, indicating intensive intestinal deconjugation, while radioactivity and absorbance detectors showed largely unresolved clusters [9].
  • N was found to deacetylate extremely rapidly to T in plasma (half-life of about 6 minutes at 37 degrees C) as well as in presence of liver microsomes [9].
  • T was the only species obtained by incubation with human microsomes while rat microsomes yielded hydroxylated T in addition [9].

Associations of NTZdes with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of NTZdes

  • The objective of the study was to determine if metabolites other than T are present in the plasma and excreted after single dose oral administration of radiocarbon-labelled N in healthy subjects [9].
  • Selected samples were assayed by HPLC for T and submitted to metabolite identification by mass spectrometry [9].


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