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Chemical Compound Review

Obidoxim     oxo-[[1-[[4- (oxoazaniumylmethylidene) pyrid...

Synonyms: Obidoxime, Toxobidin, Toxogonin, Toksobidin, Toxogonine, ...
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Disease relevance of 4-(nitrosomethylidene)-1-[[4-(nitrosomethylidene)pyridin-1-yl]methoxymethyl]pyridine


High impact information on 4-(nitrosomethylidene)-1-[[4-(nitrosomethylidene)pyridin-1-yl]methoxymethyl]pyridine

  • The in vitro reactivation potency of the alpha-keto thiohydroximates approaches and even surpasses that of 2-PAM and toxogonin for GD-inhibited AChE [4].
  • The potassium (51 mM) evoked release of [(3)H]-acetylcholine and the liberation of [(3)H]-choline were determined in hippocampal slices following in vitro exposure to soman and five oximes (toxogonin, HI-6, HLö-7, P2S and 2-PAM) in separate experiments by superfusion [5].
  • Only limited reactivation of the acetylcholinesterase activity was observed in superfusion experiments with toxogonin, HI-6, P2S and 2-PAM following exposure of hippocampal slices to soman [5].
  • In vitro effects of toxogonin, HI-6 and HLö-7 on the release of [3H]acetylcholine from peripheral cholinergic nerves in rat airway smooth muscle [6].
  • HI-6, but neither toxogonin nor PAM Cl, antagonized sarin-induced hypothermia and reactivated brain acetylcholinesterase, in particular hypothalamic acetylcholinesterase [1].

Chemical compound and disease context of 4-(nitrosomethylidene)-1-[[4-(nitrosomethylidene)pyridin-1-yl]methoxymethyl]pyridine


Biological context of 4-(nitrosomethylidene)-1-[[4-(nitrosomethylidene)pyridin-1-yl]methoxymethyl]pyridine


Anatomical context of 4-(nitrosomethylidene)-1-[[4-(nitrosomethylidene)pyridin-1-yl]methoxymethyl]pyridine


Associations of 4-(nitrosomethylidene)-1-[[4-(nitrosomethylidene)pyridin-1-yl]methoxymethyl]pyridine with other chemical compounds


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