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Chemical Compound Review

CEFIXIME     (6R,7S)-7-[[(2Z)-2-(2-amino- 1,3-thiazol-4...

Synonyms: Cefixima, Cefiximum, Necopen, Denvar, Tricef, ...
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Disease relevance of Suprax


High impact information on Suprax

  • The pharmacokinetics of cefixime (FK 027), a broad-spectrum cephalosporin, were assessed in 12 normal subjects after single oral doses of 50, 100, 200, and 400 mg [4].
  • Comparative in vitro activity and beta-lactamase stability of FR 17027, a new orally active cephalosporin [3].
  • FR 17027 was not hydrolyzed by the common beta-lactamases present in many of the pathogens causing respiratory and urinary tract infections in outpatients [3].
  • After immuno-magnetic separation (IMS) of the micro-organisms with magnetic beads coated with an antibody against E. coli O157 (Dynabeads anti E. coli O157, Dynal), the enrichment broth was subcultured onto both Cefixim Tellurite Sorbitol MacConkey agar and CHROMagar O157 [5].


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