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Chemical Compound Review

AGN-PC-00PPUT     7-[(2-amino-2-phenyl- ethanoyl)amino]-3...

Synonyms: AG-D-24454, ACMC-20mbf8, SureCN10713860, BBL013211, CTK0H2709, ...
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  • In addition, FtsZ rings are able to assemble in newborn cells in the presence of cephalexin, suggesting that newborn cells contain a site at which FtsZ can assemble (the nascent division site) and that the transpeptidase activity of FtsI is not required for assembly of FtsZ at these sites [10].
  • A 66-year-old woman had several episodes of aseptic meningitis associated with exposure to cephalexin, cefazolin, and ceftazidime [11].
  • Expression of PEPT 1 or PEPT 2 in HeLa cells was found to induce H(+)-coupled cephalexin uptake in these cells [12].
  • We showed that exposure of M. tuberculosis to DNA damaging agents, or to cephalexin, or growth of M. tuberculosis in macrophages increased cell length and sharply elevated the expression of Rv2719c, a LexA-controlled gene [13].
  • The tus deletion strain yielded a small fraction of cells that overproduce DNA, as determined by flow cytometry after run-out chromosome replication in the presence of rifampicin and cephalexin [14].

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