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Chemical Compound Review

Norzine     2-ethylsulfanyl-10-[3-(4- methylpiperazin-1...

Synonyms: Torecan, Tietilperazina, CHEMBL1378, SureCN49124, CHEBI:9544, ...
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Disease relevance of thiethylperazine


High impact information on thiethylperazine


Chemical compound and disease context of thiethylperazine

  • Promethazine (2 mg/kg), cimetidine (4 mg/kg), thiethylperazine (0.86 mg/kg), and naloxone (0.08 mg/kg) were each evaluated for their ability to increase the threshold of radiation-induced emesis in the dog [10].
  • Forty patients suffering from vertigo of different genesis received thiethylperazine 6.5 mg or meclizine 25 mg, 2 capsules a day for 5 days, according to double-blind, cross-over methodology in randomized order [11].

Biological context of thiethylperazine


Gene context of thiethylperazine

  • Three attacks of acute dystonia occurred in a 19-year-old male following the initiation and discontinuation of thiethylperazine administered rectally in therapeutic doses [12].
  • SETTING: The teratogenic potential of thiethylperazine was evaluated in the population-based large data set of the Hungarian Case-Control Surveillance of Congenital Abnormalities between 1980 and 1996 [9].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of thiethylperazine


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