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Chemical Compound Review

Antivert     1-[(4-chlorophenyl)-phenyl- methyl]-4-[(3...

Synonyms: Bonamine, Calmonal, Chiclida, Meclozine, meclizine, ...
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Disease relevance of Bonine


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Chemical compound and disease context of Bonine


Biological context of Bonine

  • The resin-bound aryl triflate was shown to be stable to reductive amination conditions, and the traceless synthesis of Meclizine is reported [20].
  • High-affinity binding sites for [3H]MPTP may correspond to monamine oxidase [21].
  • A study of linkage disequilibrium between polymorphic loci for monamine oxidases A and B in schizophrenia [22].
  • The H1 antagonist, meclizine (25 mg/kg), was also effective against enterolobin oedema while the PAF-antagonists WEB 2086 and PCA 4248 (20 mg/kg) did not modify the reaction [23].
  • Various therapies (drugs, acupuncture, acupressure) were tried by 18% of the women with NVP, of which the majority used drugs, most notably antihistamines (specifically meclozine) [24].

Anatomical context of Bonine


Associations of Bonine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Bonine

  • Meclizine is an agonist ligand for mouse constitutive androstane receptor (CAR) and an inverse agonist for human CAR [14].
  • Intraperitoneal administration of (-)-deprenyl (0.5-8 mg kg-1) produced a dose-dependent inhibition of striatal monoamine oxidase type B activity whereas monamine oxidase type A activity in the striatum was inhibited only by 8 mg kg-1 of (-)-deprenyl [34].
  • Immunostaining and in situ hybridization histochemistry reveal the presence of tyrosine hydroxylase (TH), DA transporter and vesicular monamine transporters in the acid-producing parietal cells [35].
  • Although our results confirmed previous data regarding changes in MAO A activity in brainstem and medulla oblongata, they did not confirm our hypothesis that the increase in monamine turnover and metabolites in the brain would be the result of increased MAO activity [36].
  • Presented data shows that HP in PH may be due to the presence of subclinical microadenoma made manifest by hypothyroid state and/or due to disturbances in monamine control of PRL and TSH secretion [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Bonine


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