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Chemical Compound Review

Kerecide     1-[(2R,4S,5R)-4-hydroxy-5...

Synonyms: Stoxil, idoxuridine, IUDR, Oftan-IDU, Allergan 211, ...
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Disease relevance of idoxuridine

  • Immunization with cPZP and adjuvant produced moderate to high titers of antizona antibodies and infertility [1].
  • Antizona and antisperm antibodies in women with endometriosis and/or infertility [2].
  • Significant dose-, but not time-dependent, toxicity was observed at the clinical concentrations of IDU, TFT, and EDU [3].
  • The selection of ACV and IDU resistant mutants was performed on a cloned sensitive HSV 1 ocular strain [4].

High impact information on idoxuridine


Biological context of idoxuridine

  • In a group of 50 randomly selected mares tested for antizona antibodies, 2 pregnant mares were found to be positive, one at 60 and the other at 90 days of gestation [8].

Anatomical context of idoxuridine

  • In separate experiments confluent corneal epithelial cell monolayers were inoculated with 10(4) plaque forming units (PFU) of HSV type 1 (McKrae strain) for 1 h, and IDU 0.1%, TFT 1.0%, and BVDU 0.1% were added to the culture for determination of PFU inhibition [3].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of idoxuridine


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