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Chemical Compound Review

AC1LCVK6     bicyclo[3.1.1]heptane

Synonyms: CTK1A3741, 286-34-0, 53949-EP2269977A2, 53949-EP2280010A2, 53949-EP2308510A1, ...
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Disease relevance of norpinane


Psychiatry related information on norpinane

  • These results revealed that, in addition to the cage-like pinane skeleton, the benzoyl and the glucosyl moieties are important structural elements of the paeoniflorin skeleton as its effects on scopolamine-induced amnesia [2].

High impact information on norpinane

  • To determine if GABAA receptors were sensitive to the thromboxanes, the effect of pinane TXA2 on the binding of [35S]t-butylbicyclophosphorothionate ([35S]TBPS) to GABA-gated Cl- channels was measured using receptor autoradiography [1].
  • 2--The stable thromboxane (Tx) analogues, carbocyclic TxA2 (CTA2) and pinane TxA2 (PTA2) significantly inhibited these aggregatory responses in platelets from humans, dogs and guinea-pigs, while PTA2 but not CTA2 produced significant inhibition in cat platelets [3].
  • Aspirin, NS-398, and pinane thromboxane also significantly decreased neutrophil superoxide production [4].
  • Arachidonic acid stimulated superoxide generation by neutrophils, and this was inhibited by pinane thromboxane in a dose-dependent manner [4].
  • The order of specificity of TXA2 analogs for [125I]-BOP binding sites was similar in glomeruli and in arterial membranes and was I-BOP > or = U46619 > or = pinane TXA2 > or = carbocyclic TXA2 > or = PGH2 [5].

Associations of norpinane with other chemical compounds


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of norpinane


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