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Chemical Compound Review

Rhizobitoxine     (E,2S)-2-amino-4-[(2R)-2- amino-3-hydroxy...

Synonyms: AC1O5M0N, 37658-95-0
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Disease relevance of Rhizobitoxine


High impact information on Rhizobitoxine

  • The CBLAVG structure furthermore suggests a binding mode for rhizobitoxine and explains the failure of MVG to inhibit CBL [4].
  • Bradyrhizobium elkanii rtxC gene is required for expression of symbiotic phenotypes in the final step of rhizobitoxine biosynthesis [5].
  • In addition, complementation analysis of rtxC by cosmids differing in rtxC transcription levels suggested that rhizobitoxine production correlates with the amount of rtxC transcript [5].
  • A large-deletion mutant of B. elkanii, USDA94 Delta rtx::Omega 1, which lacks rtxA, ORF1 (rtxC), ORF2, and ORF3, did not produce rhizobitoxine, dihydrorhizobitoxine, or serinol [6].
  • The broad-host-range cosmid pLAFR1, which contains rtxA and these ORFs, complemented rhizobitoxine production in USDA94 Delta rtx::Omega 1 [6].

Biological context of Rhizobitoxine

  • Thus, desaturation of dihydrorhizobitoxine by rtxC-encoded protein is essential for the bacterium to show rhizobitoxine phenotypes in planta [5].
  • In light of results from DNA sequence comparison, gene disruption experiments, and dihydrorhizobitoxine production from various substrates, we discuss the biosynthetic pathway of rhizobitoxine and its evolutionary significance in bradyrhizobia [6].
  • Rhizobitoxine did not cause cell death at a concentration sufficient to eliminate hydrogenase expression [7].
  • We cloned and sequenced a cluster of genes involved in the biosynthesis of rhizobitoxine, a nodulation enhancer produced by Bradyrhizobium elkanii [6].
  • Further complementation experiments involving cosmid derivatives obtained by random mutagenesis with a kanamycin cassette revealed that at least rtxA and rtxC are necessary for rhizobitoxine production [6].

Associations of Rhizobitoxine with other chemical compounds


Gene context of Rhizobitoxine


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