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Gene Review

TES  -  testis derived transcript (3 LIM domains)

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: DKFZP586B2022, TESS, TESS-2, TESTIN, Testin, ...
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Disease relevance of TES


Psychiatry related information on TES

  • CONCLUSIONS: The results of this study call into question the use of the TES and the interpretation of a large body of literature purporting to study the relationship of teachers' self-efficacy beliefs to important educational outcomes [5].
  • The Toxic Exposure Surveillance System (TESS) of the American Association of Poison Control Systems offers an opportunity to evaluate the epidemiology of volatile substance abuse using a data set that captures data from a large geographic area covering a wide-ranging group of socioeconomic strata, ethnic groups, and demographics [6].

High impact information on TES


Chemical compound and disease context of TES

  • Oxidized Fe protein from Azotobacter vinelandii (Av2(0)) was reduced by dithionite (DT) in the absence and presence of nucleotides, over the temperature range 10-40 degrees C, over the pH range 7-8, and in various buffers--inorganic phosphate, TES, HEPES, and Tris [10].
  • We examined by TES-enzyme-linked immunosorbent test and immunoblot assay for toxocarosis and cysticercosis the baseline and final follow-up sera of 10 pigs, before and after (3 months) infection with Taenia solium [11].
  • With HCO3 solution, anoxic H1 efflux rate was approximately 50% of normoxia (0.333 vs. 0.645 mmol.l-1.min-1), but in TES solution, H1 efflux rate was unaffected by anoxia [12].

Biological context of TES


Anatomical context of TES


Associations of TES with chemical compounds

  • Bicine and TES buffer not only hydrogen ions but also metal ions [7].
  • Under these conditions, conductance increased from 7.0 pS at 22 degrees C to 10.9 pS at 37 degrees C. The conductance at 22 degrees C was approximately 1.0 pS higher when TES and HEPES were omitted from the solution, suggesting weak, voltage-independent block by pH buffers [16].
  • The final separation buffer consisted of 80 mM sodium cholate in 50 mM N-tris (hydroxymethyl)methyl-2-aminoethanesulfonic acid (TES), pH 7 [17].
  • [reaction: see text] Addition of magnesium anion 4 (M = MgBr, R(1) = TES) to ketone 6 (R(2) = PMB) at -78 degrees C in THF proceeded under chelation control to provide alcohol 7, which possesses the full set of the chiral centers of fostriecin [18].
  • [reaction: see text] A triphenylmethyl (trityl) ether was reductively and instantaneously cleaved by triethylsilane in the presence of a catalytic amount of TES- (or TMS)-triflate [19].

Regulatory relationships of TES


Other interactions of TES

  • We found that CAV1, CAV2, MET and TES mRNA expression was lower in prostate tumors than in normal prostate tissues [14].
  • Accordingly, most of TES- and Poa p IX-specific T cell clones derived from cultures containing IFN-gamma or IFN-alpha displayed strong cytolytic activity [20].
  • After LPS1, TNF-alpha AUC was greater in TES than CON (P<0.05) [21].
  • Three patients also underwent transcranial bifocal electric cortical stimulation (TES) and MEPs were recorded from the APB muscle, and CMCT, MEP threshold and amplitude were measured [22].
  • DESIGN: Semen aliquots from normozoospermic donors either were subjected to conventional semen freezing (TES and Tris yolk buffer in 7.4% final glycerol) with post-thaw processing or were preprocessed and frozen in HEPES-buffered human tubal fluid with 1% human serum albumin, 4% sucrose, and 6% glycerol [23].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of TES

  • The specificity of the recombinant Toxocara canis antigen developed for the immunodiagnosis of human toxocariasis was compared with that of the excretory-secretory antigen from T. canis second-stage larvae (TES) by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay [24].
  • METHODS: From September 1995 to January 1998, 24 patients (11 men and 13 women; mean age, 28.2 years) underwent repeat transthoracic sympathectomy (TES) [25].
  • Patients' assessments of pain intensity and pain relief suggested better analgesia with buprenorphine TES than with placebo, although the differences did not reach statistical significance [26].
  • The repeat TES was performed with patients under general anesthesia using either a standard single-lumen endotracheal tube (12 patients) or a double-lumen endotracheal tube (12 patients) [25].
  • TES and Tris yolk buffer was most effective at protecting sperm from the negative effects of the cryopreservation process [27].


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