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Chemical Compound Review

Pyrimidinamine     pyrimidin-2-amine

Synonyms: PubChem4106, CHEMBL88580, SureCN27136, AGN-PC-0D4UNI, SureCN726882, ...
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Disease relevance of Pyrimidinamine


High impact information on Pyrimidinamine

  • The mechanistic implications of the active site arrangement are discussed, including the potential role of the aminopyrimidine ring of the ThP2 [4].
  • In the present investigation, we describe novel substituted aminopyrimidine derivatives that inhibit human GSK-3 potently (K(i) < 10 nmol/l) with at least 500-fold selectivity against 20 other protein kinases [5].
  • An aminopyrimidine, PNU 112455A, was identified in a screen for inhibitors of cdk2 [6].
  • The new synthetic strategy is based on an electrophilic cyclization reaction involving an iminium intermediate formed by the corresponding aminopyrimidine with a carbonyl compound to give the desired heterocycles in high yields [7].
  • In this paper, we describe the synthesis, structure-activity relationships, and pharmacological characterization of 2-aminopyrimidine carbamates, a new class of compounds with potent and selective inhibition of Lck [8].

Biological context of Pyrimidinamine


Anatomical context of Pyrimidinamine


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Gene context of Pyrimidinamine

  • For the wild-type transketolase complex with the 4'-methylamino analogue, no electron density was found for the methyl group in the X-ray structure, whereas in the complex with the N1'-methylated coenzyme the entire aminopyrimidine ring was disordered [17].
  • Two novel hypolipidaemic agents, both members of the aminopyrimidine series, with a mode of action of inhibition of oxidosqualene cyclase (OSC), were administered orally to dogs and mice for 14 and 28 days [18].
  • A novel series of aminopyrimidine IKK2 inhibitors have been developed which show excellent in vitro inhibition of this enzyme and good selectivity over the IKK1 isoform [19].
  • Thereafter, protected amino acids were coupled iteratively by the DCC method, commencing at the amino group of the aminopyrimidine unit [20].
  • Moreover, it could be proved that the mechanism of substrate activation of PDC (yeast) is also connected directly with the C2-H activation by the aminopyrimidine part [21].


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