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Chemical Compound Review

Benchmark     5-methylamino-2-phenyl-4-[3...

Synonyms: Flurtamone, SureCN54435, CHEMBL1863061, AC1L3MQM, LS-70505, ...
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Disease relevance of Flurtamone


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Biological context of Flurtamone

  • Status of geriatric education in colleges of osteopathic medicine: report of the First National Survey to Establish Benchmark Data [12].
  • The Telemedicine Benchmark, a specific tool defined by the authors, was applied to measure the overall systems performances in terms of time delays during basic rate ISDN connections (128 Kbit/s) [13].
  • The first benchmark problem (BM1) described a monospecies biofilm growing in a completely mixed reactor environment and had the purpose of comparing the ability of the models to predict substrate fluxes and concentrations for a biofilm system of fixed total biomass and fixed biomass density [14].

Gene context of Flurtamone

  • A conceptual framework of the four key components of CSHM is presented: (a) Web-based Interface (templates); (b) Knowledge Base; (c) Output Data; and (d) Benchmark Group. RESULTS: The combined effect of these components results in a system that enables speedy performance assessment of safety and health activities on construction sites [15].
  • Using the Verona Benchmark to introduce health promotion concepts and the investment for health approach in the city of Nova Gorica, Slovenia [16].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Flurtamone


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